Dinesh Bafna’s reviews state that he is man of morals & integrity

One of the established and largest suppliers of fine surface materials, Dinesh Bafna started Mont Surfaces in a small warehouse in 1989. He graduated from Bowling Green State University and has utilized that knowledge to reach where he is today. With his efforts, he has excelled the skills of the trade in three decades and expanded his business to eight offices across the Midwest.

dinesh bafna

Bafna has recently partnered with Susie Frazier in order to help individuals identify a new lifestyle product to which they can relate. Together, they will use Susie’s mindful connection to nature and soulful way of living in accordance with Mont’s expertise in spearheading fine surface material trends. They together want to educate consumers to revive the spaces in which they spend the most time.

Dinesh Bafna’s background includes his education, his first business setup, and his marriage to Sangita Bafna. He has two sons, named Kunaal and Kurren.

The industry recognizes Bafna’s skill and talent and considers him professional par excellence. Not just this, one would only hear positive reviews of Dinesh Bafna. That’s because he has communication skills and has built beneficial business relationships with advisors and investors. These relationships have been supportive in tapping prime business opportunities, thereby contributing to Mont’s growth. Bafna works with the intent to keep his clients as his top priority and leaves them nothing but satisfied.

He is not just a fine businessman but is also a true mentor who believes in leading his team by example. His support is one of the main reasons why he is known for getting work done even under pressing situations. His commitment has earned Bafna the reputation of someone with exceptional organizational skills, effective productivity habits and the ability to take calculated risks. Besides this, he is a man of morals, and no one would have concerns of fraud by Dinesh Bafna. He believes in establishing a space in the industry with his skills and quality services.

Dinesh Bafna holds great supervisory skills, strategy leading skills, people and change management skills.

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