Dinesh Bafna: Progressing with Integrity Intact

dinesh bafna & susie partnershipOne of the largest suppliers of fine surface materials in the Midwest, Dinesh Bafna is the owner and President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite. Bafna has associated with Susie Frazier in order to launch a lifestyle product which can help people recognize their individuality. Dinesh Bafna’s business is headquartered in Cleveland and so is Suzie’s. They endeavor to combine Susie’s connection to nature and soulful way of living along with Mont’s expertise in the latest trends in the field of fine surface materials. They want people to awaken the individuality of their customers in the spaces in which we live. Both Suzie and Bafna are keen on educating consumers about the importance of creating mindful spaces so as to revitalize themselves.

The profiles of Dinesh Bafna speak highly of his skill and talent used to operate his business. Additionally, he brings strong organizational skills, efficiency in productivity and commitment in the operations of Mont. Furthermore, he is an exceptional communicator and is known to build valuable relationships. He holds tactics to tap growth opportunities and leverage good relations with influential people, investors, and advisors. Being a professional with finesse, he has attained success and taken his business to the top.

If we talk about the educational background of Dinesh Bafna, his is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. Post which, he started his business in a small warehouse in 1989. He later got married to Sangita Bafna and has two sons, named Kunaal and Kurren.

Dinesh Bafna, with nearly years of experience, has built a reputation of a professional par excellence, primarily because he keeps his clients as his top priority and leaves them nothing less than satisfied. He also mentors his staff really well, and this quality helps him complete any task even under tough situations.

He is an ethical businessman, and one would never hear any complaints about Dinesh Bafna. The trait to maintain the satisfaction of the customers has earned him the trust that they instill in him. Bafna avoids all fraudulent practices.

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